Dear Mrs. Mac and Taylor,

I got into the School of the arts for theatre in Singapore! I'd like to thank you both for being amazing acting coaches, I probably wouldn't have even known how to act and perform on stage if it wasn't for you :) Thank you for making me realize what I might want to do in the future with my career. I'll miss you!

Best Wishes,

Hannah Ong

Dear Mrs. McG,                                                                                                                 

Thank you for your caring note!  And thank you for your advice!!

Yes, I’ll encourage him to blush up his acting and dancing. … His life has changed since he joined his first play, Captain Bree.  I had no idea he was interested in drama/theater, and neither did he until he actually joined the play-well, he has mentioned that he wanted to switch to drama previously, but I simply thought he didn’t want to practice trumpet.  Thereafter, thanks to your encouragement and your expertise on leading/directing/producing, Ryan was able to learn more and more,  and became so confident and comfortable on stage.  The past one and half years were just amazing watching his growth! I don’t know how it will go during his HS years, but as long as he wants to, we will support him.  And I promise to let you know how he is doing in coming years even if you move away from Shanghai.    

I wish you and Mr. McG a wonderful summer!!

All the best,


Hey J,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the extra effort you put into individualizing your comments.  I am impressed with how specific you were with your comments in emphasizing both strengths and areas of growth.  It is clear that you know your kids well.  I know this must have taken hours and hours to complete and I wanted you to know that I appreciate your work.

Let the countdown begin.


Dear Ms  McG,

Every kid of this show really wants to thank you for giving them such a wonderful and great opportunity to build up their confidence, to enhance their performing skill, so many love and caring to everyone. They want to show their appreciation. Besides, this will be your last show at MS, everyone feels so honor to share this memory and want to hit this wonderful period with you. Parents want to thank you, without your fully support, children won't have such great success.

So now, wish you could take good rest and wish all of you have a safety and joyful London trip.


Jay, I have to say that was an absolutely stunning show last night!! I was hooked right to the end, didn’t want it to finish! I was amazed at the leads’ performances, never imagined for a minute I would see Darwin and Alex (I would call them the two Stooges!), up there making such a great job of their characters. A fantastic way to end the Performance Arts part of your life and move into the Visual Arts Era! I am sure the Visual Arts program will never be the same again, as well.

I loved everything about the show, and I will finish with ‘Absolutely Fabulous’…



Hi Jay,

I've been at SAS for 13 years and Little Shop of Horrors is the best play I've seen - and that's compared to HS plays I've seen over the years.  AMAZING !!!!!  I loved everything about it!  And your choice of music was the best ever, Elvis, Aretha, and ESPECIALLY Bruno's Uptown Funk - swear to god, I wanted to jump up in my seat and start dancing!  What a great way to end a terrific play with such terrifically directed and talented students.  So, so, so, so good!  Someone is going to have your big shoes to fill next year.

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!


Dear Jay,

I want to say again how much I enjoyed the 8th Grade Mask performances yesterday.  I loved seeing the students being creative and taking risks by performing before a live audience.  There were several impressive aspects to this show yesterday. I enjoyed the original stories that were told through movement only.  The plots had conflict and resolution, as well as a clear beginning, middle and end…something that makes an English teacher's heart go pitter-patter.

I was impressed with those actors who demonstrated real control over their bodies, giving each movement meaning. It was also clear that you had stressed the importance of audience awareness as the actors seemed to be conscious of keeping to action towards the audience. The most fun part for me was figuring out who was behind each mask and seeing them in a totally different light.  So often, the mask did not match the personality of the student and I found this hilariously entertaining.

All in all, coming to the show capped off an already pretty good day.  I was smiling all the way home…thanks for that!

Debbie Taylor

Dear Ms McG,

Happy New Year.

Thank you for the information, we will fully support you, as I always say, you are a teacher always show kids the passion, the courage to follow your dream. You use your own action to demonstrate all these, and I deeply believe that is the most important thing to teach kids, and that means no matter what subject you are going to teach, I know you are the best teacher. 

let's still have fun and enjoy your teaching, no matter where you are!👏👏👏👍Christine

Dear Mrs. Mack 

Hello! I'm Lee, Jisue's mom. 

First of all, I really want to say thank you all of you. She had worked hard last 6 weeks. Sometimes she might want to give up and felt very tired but she did finally. She never forget this amazing experience. The show was great and high completion of stage. Everyone was a great actor and singer. Thank you again for giving her a such a good opportunity.

Z.O.M.B.I.E.D !!! 

Best regards,


Kudos for an impressive production!!!  

Allen Koshewa, PhD

Best…..MS Play……ever!

The acting, the set, the costumes, the choreography, the singing………even right down to the ushers and stage crew…..it was all amazing!!!

Great job Juanita!

Jolene Collier


The show was AMAZING!!!!   You did a great job of producing, yet another, fantastic show.  The kids were darling, the costumes fabulous, the set was beautiful & the choreography was fun.

I really do not know how you guys do it!!!!

Thanks for such great entertainment.

Karen Kinsella


Many of us got into and stay with education because of the impact that we can make on others.  Clearly your dedication to realizing your own dreams has impacted others in positive ways.  It will be great to see where this takes others as they contemplate and plan to realize their own dreams.


Hi Juanita!  Don't know if you remember me or not. We worked together at E. S. Gish in St. Albert. Just want to say - You are incredible! I read about the adventure that you were embarking on last October through Cape Horn. That must have been fantastic! I watched your video on 'Living Your Dream' and am going to show it to my students. I try to have quotes or videos every morning to start the day and this goes well with empowering them to believe that anything is possible. Are there other ones as well? You were an inspiration to me back at Gish ( made me believe I could do a marathon) and you are still an inspiration to me today! You truly are the epitome of 'living your dream.'Carolyn Dickey Now at Wild Rose ElementarySt. Albert AB

Thanks for sharing your dream with us!  The assembly was FANTASTIC….but then again, all you do is Fantastic!  Loved the musical last week as well.

What an inspiration you are!

Karen Kinsella

Dear Ms. Mc,

What a fun and excitement the show was! Congratulations on the big success on HS Musical!  It was all thanks to youand other dedicated teachers.Ryan got an fabulous experience with this  amazing team.  I'm so grateful. Thank you again so much for your hard work, passion, and dedication.

Best regards,Nobuko 

That was an AMAZING show last night!!!  Seriously, awesome work!  Please tell everyone else, as I know there were a lot of hands that helped, that the show was so great.  So entertaining that my 2 year old son sat through the entire show without making a peep or wanting to get up or walk around:)



Just wanted to write and say congrats on the amazing show last night. Each year the bar gets raised higher and higher and after 4 years of watching these MS plays, I continue to be amazed at all of your hard work and creativity. The students looked like they had a blast and it was great to see some of my former Science students excelling at drama too!

Good luck today and tonight!

Carla Molloy

Dear Teachers and Staff,

So you wonder if our kids can sing and dance?  They can! A few tickets still available for today's performances. Truly entertaining.  Attached is a post-performance photo of the Mama and Paparazzi.  Brad

Brad Latzke

The play was phenomenal!  Once again, you did an amazing job with the kids!  It was so entertaining and I actually enjoyed the small, intimate venue.  You get the most out of the kids – it is amazing.

Karen Kinsella

MS Counselor – Gold

Hi there,

I wanted to really say congrats and thank you for your fantastic show. I loved the ensemble, the design and the absolute commitment of the actors to their characters, their voice projection and the story. The whole package was really inspiring. 

Thank you so much for being you, and just doing what you do. It is so good for me to know I am in a place where we can build something really positive with this department with people who genuinely care and students who are challenged, skilled and want to be there.

You rock lady, and enjoy tonite after it's all done – Jean x

The show was really great!  The kids, the set, the costumes....all of it so well done!  As we walked outside Egan said "I LOVED that show!  He will be a great promoter for you today!  Enjoy the rest of the performances!  

Dear Juanita,

What a fantastic opportunity! Congratulations on living your life "no holds barred" and thank you for setting such a great example for your students that dream experiences are absolutely doable with planning and training. We will definitely follow you on your blog -- look forward to reading about your adventures!

Valerie, Griffon and family

Hey, you two!

I want to reiterate how awesome I thought the 8th grade drama day was today. You both did a wonderful job envisioning and ultimately making this creative new event happen rather seamlessly! The kids got a lot out of it, and I've heard that it was a joy to help out with from a chaperone perspective. 

Thank you both for taking the lead on this day. I'm truly fortunate to work with such innovative and creative colleagues. 

Have a great evening, 

Lisa Ross

Jay, It was a really special day for all of those kids.  I saw some amazing talent and enjoyed seeing our kids slowly beginning to mix and mingle with their new cross-river friends. I had a great time doing the workshop.  Each time it got a little smoother and I would like to tweak it to do again next year.  I think I could turn it into something really fun. I don't know where you get the strength, but was in awe of the painting you did last night. You must have been on a sugar high from the chocolate croissants!  

See you later…XOXO

Debbie TaylorESOL Teacher, Grade 8

Dear Juanita,  Below is an excerpted email from a parent complimenting you on the grade 8 drama performance.  Good work.  Brad 
But what I saw on the 27th May is truly a transformation . And a very pleasant one too, which I always believed that the school was capable of doing but had not anticipated that it will happen so fast !!It was awesome & so entertaining. I believe the children who were performing were really into the music & not going thru the pace. There was spontaneity & such creative improvisation among the budding musicians. The circus is a real surprise …. just awesome.
 Keep up the good work !!!best regards,Pam Chen

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